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Texas man to serve 10 years for child pornography

A 48-year-old Texas man has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after police allegedly discovered child pornography in his home and on his mobile phone. The man pleaded guilty to one count of child pornography possession and two counts of receipt of child pornography.

According to documents from the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Texas, the man was also sentenced to 10 years supervised release following the conclusion of his prison term. The man reportedly told police he had just gotten off probation for similar offense. Because his probation was completed, he was not listed on Texas's sex offender registry at the time of his recent arrest.

Police reportedly searched the man's home and cellphone after receiving complaints that he had been staring at a young boy's genital area near in a bathroom at Texas Motor Speedway. The boy's father claims to have noticed and confronted the man, who then fled the scene. However, the father reportedly identified the man in the crowd and contacted the authorities. Other witnesses claim to have seen the man engaging in similar behavior at Rangers Ballpark less a month earlier.

After police searched the suspect's home and reportedly discovered child pornography, they located the man at the ranch where he worked. Officers claim he was eating lunch and looking at his laptop, which allegedly contained several more illicit images.

Following his arrest, the suspect reportedly told police that he regularly traveled to sporting events and attempted to look at young boys' genitalia. While police were unable to determine whether the man took pictures of these children, they believe he traveled considerable distances to see them. Officers claim to have found a number of gasoline receipts from widespread locations in his wallet.

Source: Star-Telegram, "Man gets 10 years in prison for preying on little boys," Denna Boyd, Jan. 8, 2012

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